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What is LAS Buyer Rewards Program?

LAS Rewards Program is our new Loyalty Program designed to reward Frequent Buyers with discount coupons that can be redeemed at participating stores within

How do I earn LAS Rewards Coupons?

Buyers can earn Rewards by shopping in any of our stores. For each dollar you spend in, a point is credited towards your Rewards Account. Each time you reach your spending goal of $10,000 you will receive a $100 Reward Coupon at participating stores within the site.

How can I redeem the coupons?

A Rewards Coupon may be applied to purchases over $500 with any of our participating members. To apply the coupon, proceed to the checkout page where the payment information is entered. You will be provided with a section to apply a coupon to the order. A rewards icon will also be displayed next to items to identify that they belong to a participating store.

How do I know what a participating member is?

A section has been dedicated to our participating members. Please visit the Participating Stores page to browse a selection of the latest styles eligible for redemption of reward points. Our list of participating members grows daily, so check back often to see if your favorite store is a participant.

Do I need to enroll for this program?

No! All buyers are automatically enrolled in the program. Simply get verified as a buyer and you will automatically be eligible for LAS Buyer Rewards.

*Only shipped orders are eligible for rewards points. Total rewards points are calculated based on total product quantities. Shipping charges and other non-product totals are not eligible for rewards points.

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