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Flat Sandals (29), Kids Shoes (11), Sandals (7), Heels (2), Bootie (1), Wedges (1), Flats (1)


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About Stella Shoes

Distributors of various labels.

Contact Information

1458 S. San Pedro St. #147
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Store Hours (PST):
Mon-Fri: 8:30AM - 5:30PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Shipping Policy for Stella Shoes

Shoe pack preferences, pack A, B or C, must be submitted in the order comment box. If not specified, we will ship out based on availability of the A or B packs.

Cancellation Policy for Stella Shoes

Cancellations MUST be made by PHONE. Please make sure you speak to a person within the same day the order was placed. If the order was placed in the evening, please make sure to call at 9am pacific time to speak to a customer representative Monday - Friday to make sure your order has been canceled. If the order wishes to be canceled any time after that, a 20% restocking fee will apply. The captured amount for online payments is estimated. As soon as shipping charges are correctly calculated the PO will be updated accordingly and may be subject to additional charges.

Return Policy for Stella Shoes

Manufacturer's defective merchandise must be claimed within 1 week of merchandise receipt. Items must be brought into the store, or documented via pictures and send through email. Each pair of shoes you wish to have credited for the damage must be documented. 1 credit = one picture minimum. Scuffs and minor scratches are NOT considered manufacturers defects. Damages during freight must be followed up with the freight company by the customer. Small bumps, scratches, uneven stitching, glue damage smaller thank size of dime are not considered manufacturer's defects. If more than 80% of the items have manufacturers defects, we will send a call tag for the box. General dissatisfaction of the quality of the merchandise may be returned within 1 week of receipt of goods; however, none of the shipping charges can be refunded. All returns will be credited once we receive the merchandize back into our stores with a store credit, with a possible deduction of a restocking fee of 20% and minus shipping charges. No shipping charges will be refunded under any circumstances for outside of the US, or Hawaii or Alaska, or Puerto Rico.