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LAS Order Consolidation service is a FREE program that gives you, the buyer, the convenient benefit of combining multiple orders into combined shipments via

We have partnered with independent contractors to offer Label Changing Services. We understand that many retailers benefit from having their own personal labels sewn into the garments they sell, however, most manufacturers do not offer Private Label Services on low quantity orders.

Our close relationship with independent contractors allows us to offer these services to our 'Active Buyers' regardless of quantity at a low price.


We have established a close relationship with independent contractors who will be handling the sewing of your labels onto the garments. Since this service must be combined with Order Consolidation we will be handling the picking up of the orders from the manufactures and consolidation before sending your merchandise to our contractors. We require that you send us your labels so we can provide them to the contractors. After the contractors finish, we will pick your merchandise back up and ship it to you, in one, easy to receive package.


  • First contact the Order Consolidation department and arrange your labels to be sent to our warehouse.
  • Next, place an order on and select 'Order Consolidation' as your shipping option at checkout.
  • We will pick up your orders directly from our Vendors and combine them and your labels into a package to be sent to our independent contractors.
  • Make sure you contact the Order Consolidation department to provide instructions for which orders will be taking advantage of the private label services.
  • Once our independent contractors receive your order, they will remove the old tags and attach your new tags to your merchandise.
  • When we receive your merchandise, we will turn around and ship it to you in one easy, convenient, shipment.


This service is offered for a low per-garment fee to our VERIFIED buyers who take advantage of our FREE Order Consolidation services.

If you have yet to do so, take a look at our Order Consolidation services page and see the benefits of having your orders delivered in one package shipped direct from

Contact Info

For more information please contact the Order Consolidation department:

Attention: Order Consolidation
Re: Private Label Services
110 E 9th Street #B1111
Los Angeles, CA 90079

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